Masaki Horiuchi ed. Thoreau in the 21st Century: Perspectives from Japan. Kinseido (金星堂) 2017




Introduction Masaki Horiuchi

Part I Political Perspectives

"Civil Desobedience" in the Nuclear Age: Thoreau and Solnit's "journey into the Hidden Wars of the American West" Shoko Itoh

Water Vein of Useful Ignorance: Henry David Thoreau's Anti-Intellectualism Takao Yamaguchi

The Maine Woods: Wat Thoreau Learned abotu the Penobscot People Namie Ozawa

Native American Representations in the Works of Thoreau and Irving Mika Takiguchi

Dickinson, Thoreau, and John Brown: The Voice of the Voiceless Junko Kanazawa

Anne Waldman and Thoreau's Civil Disobedience Ayako Takahashi

Emerson's Circles and Publishing: Character and Print Culture in Nineteenth-Century American National Literature Mikayo Sakuma

Modernity of Louise May Alcott's Unpublished Manuscript "Pogram's Lay-vice" Asako Motooka

Part II Philosophical Perspetives

Throeau's Walden and the Evolution of Resistance Mikako Takeuchi

Throeau's Ontology of "We": Friendship in A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers Maki Sadahiro

Thoreau's Expression of Heaven on the Universe in Walden Kazuto Ono

Threau's Views on Growth in Relation to Flora: With Comparative Reference to Kumagusu Minakata Michiko Ono

"Silence Was Audible": Vews on Music in the Works of Dwight, Throeau and The Blithedale Romance Fumiko Takeno

Emerson and Thoreau as Writers in Hawthorne's Autobiographical Sketch, "The Old Manse" Atsuko Oda

Paradoxical Truth in Emerson and Throeau Izumi Ogura

Thoreau and Muir: A Glance at te Shifting American Sense of Nature Yoshiko Fujita

Ralph Waldo Emerson and Daisetsu Suzuki: A Comparative Investigation on their Views of Nature, Mind, and Language Yoshio Takanashi

Uses of the Early Emerson in the Present Age Masaki Horiuchi